Freedom to Shine

Washing your own car takes time unlike running it through an auto car wash, no doubt. But it’s all about perspectives and we’re here to change it. 
Everything begins with the notion of freedom with Car Life. 

Freedom of simplicity. 

We seek to turn routine to recreational through the ease of simplicity. Car Life offers easy and friendly car cleaning experience. All our products are made for easy application because we want you to reap maximum benefits from minimal effort. We believe that car washing should be such an effortless task that it becomes a leisure. 

Freedom in pursuit of happiness. 

With simplicity, comes the luxury to free your time for other productive and creative works. When washing your car is so effortless, we put time on your hands so you can pursue joy and live life in a way that makes you happy, without the constraints of time. 

Freedom for everyone. 

Old or new, Car Life seeks to shine all types of car. We don’t look at you and your car’s age. Car Life range of products serves every car owner’s basic car-cleaning needs. Anyone and everyone can keep their car shining and clean. Even kids are encouraged to enjoy car washing with their parents. 

That’s our freedom to shine.