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Car Life Malaysia

[Limited] Microfibre Cloth, Screen Wash and NFC Card

[Limited] Microfibre Cloth, Screen Wash and NFC Card

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This set include;

1 x NFC Card (RM10)

1 x Car Life Microfibre Cloth (RM15.90)

1 x Car Life Screen Wash (RM4.50)


What is NFC Card?

The enhanced Touch 'n Go Card is fully equipped with NFC technology to enable reloads via Touch 'n Go eWallet, allowing you convenient and easy reloads wherever you are, whenever you want.

Important Note: There's no value inside the products.


Car Life Microfibre Cloth is a reusable and durable cleaning cloth for all kind of surface. It does not scratch or damage any surfaces therefore is a perfect choices for vehicles, home or office use.

Washing guide:

1. Rinse with running water. For light stains, use only mild detergent.

2.Chemicals are not necessary in cleaning.

3. Do not use fabric softener and do not bleach.


Car Life Screen Wash Concentrated powerfully expels road grime, dirt, oil films, insect remains, bird droppings and anything that may end up on your windscreen. At a flick of your wiper tank switch, the mixture boosts the cleaning action of your windscreen wipers, giving you maximum visibility on road for a safer vision, in all weather conditions.

Why your car would love it?

- Removes all types of stubborn stains

- Clearer and safer visibility in all weather

- Safe on paintwork

How to use it?

1. Pour ¼ bottle into your windshield water tank and fill the clean water.

2. Refill the solution when necessary.


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