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Car Life Malaysia

[Limited] Rain Shield and NFC Card

[Limited] Rain Shield and NFC Card

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This set include;

1 x NFC Card (worth RM10)

1 x Car Life Rain Shield (worth RM16.90)


What is NFC Card?

The enhanced Touch 'n Go Card is fully equipped with NFC technology to enable reloads via Touch 'n Go eWallet, allowing you convenient and easy reloads wherever you are, whenever you want.

Important Note: There's no value inside the products.


What is Car Life Rain Shield?

Car Life Rain Shield is a water repelling coating that improves wet weather driving visibility, safety, and comfort. Watch water bead up and roll away as you drive - even without wipers! The Rain Shield also provides a layer of protection against rain, sleet, snow, grime and grease while ensuring your car's windscreen is water mark and glare free. Applicable on all exterior glass surfaces: front, rear windscreen, side windows, and headlights.

Why your car would love it?

- Leave a glossy finish

- Non-greasy formula

- UV protection against fading and cracking

- Repels dust, dirt, stains, and static electricity

- Suitable for leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic.


How to use it?

1.Wash and clean the car surface before the application

2.Dry the surface

3.Apply with a sponge of cloth and spread it on the surface evenly

4.Leave for a few minutes, then wipe off excess.

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